High schools for at risk youth

Some teenagers have been known to receive below average or failing grades in regular high schools. This may be attributed to a number of issues as drug or alcohol abuse, ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, depression, anxiety, anger, or low self-esteem to name a few. High schools for troubled teens fall into three major categories theraputic boarding schools, prepatory academies, or residential treatment centers.

Troubled youth high schools are like private smaller-sized schools which help troubled teens through high school enabling them to graduate on time. These schools have staff experienced in dealing with teenage behavioral problems. Class sizes are also smaller making one-on-one training opportunities even greater. Attendance and homework requirements are focused on in a personal level. Since there are fewer students and the attention they recieve is greater they are not as likely to become involved in unhealthy or illegal activities. More flexible curriculum is available to help teens finish on time.

There are also boarding schools that cater to only boys or only girls. These schools strive to teach teens real world life skills and help them build self-esteem through therapy, stellar academics, and through building meaningful relationships. Through its academic program, teens with learning problems gain help in realizing their hidden skills and talents. They also learn to understand themselves better, control their behavior, improve their communication skills, and to better help their families as well as their community. These schools have closed campuses and lack distractions found in the suburban and inner-city schools.

There are also special girls only schools. Troubled female teens often have self-esteem issues that are different from boys. Pregnant teens or teen mothers are less likely to graduate high school than girls who never became impregnated. These schools accept troubled girls get through high school and even move onto college.

There are numerous troubled teen high schools in larger cities. Most states have laws requiring school districts to provide these special schools. Parents have taken advantage of these special services since they are paid for by their school district or state. Still, some school districts lack the funds to furnish such a school. States have even been obligated to contribute up to $7,000 per month for teens who are apt to fail in a regular high school. Without these schools, troubled teens and others with special education needs would not earn a diploma. Drop-out prevention counseling is also offered as well. Drop-out students may cost the state as much as $1 million over the course of their lifetimes.

For parents whose teen(s) are failing in school, their son or daughter may qualify to attend an alternative high school or special boarding school. No troubled teen should be deprived of a diploma or a chance to get a college education.

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